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Aluminum Fence Estimator

Aluminum Fence Estimator

Material: Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Wrought iron

Type: Spear, Flat, Loop

Standard: US, AU and NZ

Certification: ISO9001

Packing Details: Packing, foam and plastic, 3in1pack 50pcs/carton

Delivery Details: 15-30 days after order

Payment: TT/LC

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aluminum fence extrusions

Product detailed introduction

1) Our panels are made out of thicker material top and bottom rails 40x40x1.6mm and 25x25x1.2mm for all verticals
2) Gap in between the verticals is 110mm compared to wider gaps with others.
3) We use for all our panels galvanized material only.
4) Very important is that we phosphate wash our panels before powder coating which means a very high quality powder coating which will long last many many years compared to my competitors.

Electrostatic spraying the fence by the steel tube, stainless steel anti-theft bolt and all sorts of adornment circle.

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