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How to build a metal fence

How to build a metal fence

Material: Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Wrought iron

Type: Spear, Flat, Loop

Standard: US, AU and NZ

Certification: ISO9001

Packing Details: Packing, foam and plastic, 3in1pack 50pcs/carton

Delivery Details: 15-30 days after order

Payment: TT/LC

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Once you decide what wall panels to use, choose the appropriate metal posts to connect and support in the same time.
Mounting of metal fence posts is the first step in building a fence. Posts that are installed or raised along the solid line, the boundary is called line posts. Bends or angles of metal fence posts are listed as arrangement corner. These angles can took double support from side brace posts. After all sites have been given the force and the border of the frame, you should mount the metal fence posts. Use post driver to drive down the posts into the ground and provide a stable base. In the case of solid iron fencing, make a concrete base for additional support. Simple units of chain reconciliation welded fence, barbed fencing and metal pipes are the different types of fences that can be installed. Joints and wall locking process can be done by clipping or fencing pliers to lock. When you choose the framework take into account the needs and requirements of the fence on the field where it will be built and local conditions. Therefore, if you want to install the panel metal fenceposts, make the proper construction.

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