Pool Fence

Pool Fence

Material: Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Wrought iron

Type: Spear, Flat, Loop

Standard: US, AU and NZ

Certification: ISO9001

Packing Details: Packing, foam and plastic, 3in1pack 50pcs/carton

Delivery Details: 15-30 days after order

Payment: TT/LC

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Pool Fence
Size 1250x1980mm, 1300x2311mm, 1100x2230mm, 1100x2100mm, 1100x2000mm
Frame pipe Ø38x2mm, Ø38x1.8mm, Ø38x1.5mm, Ø32x2mm, Ø32x1.8mm, Ø32x1.5mm, Ø25x2mm,
Ø25x1.8mm, Ø25x1.5mm, Ø25x25mm
Inside pipe Ø25x1mm, Ø20x1mm, Ø16x1mm, Ø12x1mm

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